‘Let me catch you, today I must teach you a lesson!’ Our neighbour was at it again shouting her lungs out. I have never understood how she could have several eyes to know that by now we were in her shamba enjoying the rich taste of loquats. I must say her timing was always sadly perfect! How she could single handedly manage to rain on our parade on daily basis is still beyond me.

You see our neighbour, Mrs Wangusi, has hundreds of loquat trees. We like calling her Nyawawa because of her habit of throwing things out of perspective. On one occasion she accused my friends of scaring her fat highland cow while milking, earning her unprecedented cow kick to her midriff. Nonetheless, we did what the Bible said to do to those that know not what they’re saying!

Contrary to Nyawawa’s serial accusations, my friends and I were not the common unruly village kids. We loved isukuti dances and could indulge ourselves once in a while when we happened to bump into each other in the stream. We had a soloist, drummer and me, the bubbly, easy going lad that is quiet until he isn’t.

I liked the thought of sliding terrains back in the day. There was a bliss being served each time your body could be flying down the slidy, muddy terrace. With every slide, came the raw pleasure that could threaten to blow your heart into a million pieces. But that was years ago, now I get that adrenaline rush each time Chelsea is in the field playing down our opponents. You should see the goofy smile on my face each time Fabrigas sends that net flying.

Breaking it down further, yours truly is atypical agricultural economist with a passion for statistics and coding. I love numbers and words, especially when conceptualizing complex statistical models to get a simple message for all to consume; that right there massages my fancy in ways that only I knows where the folly lays.

I created this platform to share my imaginations with you. They say thoughts are as powerful as actions. I can only hope that my written thoughts and random musings spur something in you and push you to do that ‘thing’ you have meant to do, but you keep pushing it to the back burner. Feel free to contact me.

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