Facebook Love

My good friend Kit doesn’t know why I’m fascinated with Facebook. He actually bought me a good book, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport on my last birthday when he welcomed me to the famous third floor. I have no doubt he was trying to use subtle means to whip me back to context. The last time he was at my place, about two weeks ago, he intentionally played the famous gospel song by Tanzania’s gem, Rose Muhando, in which she talks about Facebook becoming the new ‘God’ to many Christians. What Kit doesn’t understand however, is how Facebook changed my life.

I love staying in touch with old friends and making new friends on social media and on my day to day interactions. In 2010, I sent a friend request to a charming lady. By then, I was living and working in Malindi, residing with my good friend from the lakeside, Omondi. Kit was the cinema hall owner where we would spend our weekends watching Chelsea games. We loved it when Chelsea would beat Manchester United.  I kid you not, those were our best weekends!

Lest I digress, my Facebook lady took one week to respond to my friend request. After she accepted my friend request, I was prompt to message her an innocent hello. Her response was equally as quick. She battered me with a string of questions trying to gauge what I do, what my interests are and my political alignment. It was during this maiden conversation that I came to learn she was marketing an IT product that would coincidentally come in handy for our company’s efficient and effective data collection tasks. You do know that a brother can never resist a chance to drive his agenda, right? I took my shot and asked for her number and email address.

After successfully convincing my boss to take up the product, we sent out an invitation to Ella to pitch her product to my colleagues three weeks down the line. I still remember the light knock on my office door and the pearly, perfect smile that captivated me to her charm. I was a smitten man. For the first time in my adulthood, I had someone sweep me off my feet. I had the pleasure of walking her to the boardroom where she gave a perfect presentation. I could see how the heads around the boardroom could nod in continued succession at the ease in which she made complicated concepts look easy.

Her voice was captivating: syrupy, almost honeyed and musical to my ears. I couldn’t focus on her intelligible discourse, but her voice and body shape. Her Amazonian figure sat well on her wafer-thin body. She had a decanter shaped waist with an impeccable ochrous hue complexion. Her pencil-thin, shaped eyebrows eased down gently to her black, curly and eyelashes. A sculptor couldn’t have fashioned her seraph – like ears and pixie nose any better.

When she broke into a shy smile to stamp the conclusion of her presentation, her beguiling, oyster-white teeth lit the room. The energy could jolt you like an electric current when that megawatt smile is solely focused on you. She unconsciously ran her scarlet-red fingernails through her nougat-brown hair. Spools of it plunged around her flawless face and hid an African neck; elegant and smooth in equal measure. I loved her nebulous, brown eyes which were a-sparkle with the ‘joie de vivre’. They were like two sapphire jewels melted onto snow.

Her calamine-pink lips had an allure of rose petals. On a closer look, it surprised me that they were plump and Botox-boosted given her timid and introverted personality. She walked to me intentionally swaying her endowed derrière. She whispered to me in a dulcet voice, sending spasms of good intentions to the right parts of my body. Her Chanel Coco shirt still kept captive a heady, oriental scent of Giorgio Armani’s Si` Passione`.

Who wastes such opportunities? After our short tea break, I requested her for an evening coffee before she jets back to Nairobi the following morning. I am a shy guy, but how I got the confidence on this day is a bizarre. I rushed home after work and adorned my best casual wear. I passed by my Barber shop to trim my hair and nails. I was tempted to go for manicure, pedicure and facial as well but convinced myself otherwise. I made sure I was the best version of myself before hailing an Uber. To sharpen my accent and English skills, I called another brother from Siaya County, who gave me useful tips. You know how those guys roll, you can never go wrong with their intel. Long story short, it was the best evening of my life.  I had to tweet “She Said Yes!”

Our vibe was on top. Our energies seamlessly marched. It was a natural flow smoother than the flow of the Blue Nile.  It was romantic, innocent, pure and blissful. I would sleep with a goodnight text from her and wake up to a good morning text. I was in a small heaven. Going by what she wrote on Facebook and her careful wording, she was kind, smart and interested in who I was as a person.  I had those moments when my favourite love songs make sense. When you kiss me by Shania Twain topped my playlist every morning.

Our first weekend together, we walked around a friendly downtown, watched two movies, and tried an Italian cuisine. And yes, of course, we shared countless sweet kisses. I felt at home with her, like I knew I would. I felt a deep soul connection with her on sight.

You see, the major amazing thing about us is our age difference. Truthfully, it is a beautiful thing for so many reasons; the way we are both creatives in different ways; and the many things we can learn from one another. We are in many ways, a yin/yang couple, and this is beneficial and endearing. She brings such joy, deep love, support and peace to my life. We committed to each other the second we connected, we both felt it. She was worth all the love stories I had published on the thought line over the years.

My point is, don’t force things and don’t look for love where it has not been molded! In his time, God will make everything beautiful. What’s more, don’t give yourself away too soon or too quickly. Why subscribe to an unfulfilling future when you can wait? When it is real and right, know that you will be able to tell. You will feel it, like I did, even on the internet!

Featured Photo by: Nghia Nguyen on Unsplash

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