Tiny Beautiful Lessons

Did you know that more times than not we are victims of our folly? The people you wrap closer to your heart can hurt you deeply. Yes, human is to err, but sometimes, the hurt can be averted. Thus far, I have learnt that people wear their habits like a crown. If you look closer, you can be able to tell riff raffs from genuine friends.

For instance, if someone cares no matter how busy they are, they will create time for you. Everyone has time for important calls/plans/things/people; it’s just a matter of priority. People assign time to what is important to them.

While you are at it, notice friends who have negative energy towards others. They only see deleterious traits in others. The only thing they are good at is attracting malice. Trust me these throng of friends treat you with the same disdain behind your back.  You are not an outlier!

‘Bad company corrupts good morals’ might sound like a cheesy line, but frankly, you are an average of your five best friends. The people you spend time with influences the person you will eventually become. If you hang around five entrepreneurs, you are undoubtedly the sixth entrepreneur. The opposite is true if you surround yourself with jerks. Choose wisely now, will you?

In addition to that, when someone tells you that they “aren’t looking for a relationship or not in any hurry to get into one” trust them. This is a subtle way of communicating that you don’t match up to their standards.  Even single people will claim to be dating for apparent reasons!

Also, notice friends who only call you when they need something. They only care about their immediate wants than your welfare. They don’t care about you.  If you care about your sanity like I know you do, steer clear of such people. They will not only drain your resources but finances as well.

Consequently, set standards of how people should treat you. Mould yourself with grandeur and measure. It’s okay if you want to put up some walls around you to avoid unnecessary hurt. Don’t make the statistic of the countless good people who have succumbed to malice and ill treatment. Yes, they say good people come last, but you can do better. You matter.

Lest I forget, applaud the people who are happy for others who are doing way better in life than them. This shows that they are confident about their choices, decisions, projects, dreams, and goals. If you have such kind of people around you, keep them, they are real.

Have you heard people advise you that you should burry old hatches? Imagine having a person you hold so dear to you but abandons you at your time of need? If somebody isn’t there for you through the hard and trying times, they never really were a part of your team. Write them off from your list of friends. They are not your buddies.

Most importantly, notice how a person treats disadvantaged and vulnerable people.  They would treat you the same way if you were financially struggling and were not impacting their life in any way. The level of disdain they show to the lowly is how much respect they have for others.  

Moreover, be keen with people who claim they have missed you. If someone claims to have missed you, but they don’t try to meet up or take you out, they are not interested in reconnecting with you whatsoever.

Consequently, if someone is willing to make fun of others in a hurtful way, believe that their insecurities run far more profound than you may realize. Run my brother; they are a ticking time bomb.

And those people who seem to have a set of new friends every year could be having commitment issues. When they say growth demands new friends, they are just selfish. I mean even with all the money we make; we are still human with sentimental attachments. Friendships, especially those established in earlier days, are priceless. The people who rooted for you in your dark days will stick by you in light and darkness. What are some of the lessons that life has taught you? I’m excited to learn with you in the comment section below.

Featured Photo by J W on Unsplash

9 thoughts on “Tiny Beautiful Lessons

  1. A very true and factual piece omwami. Humans are social animals and so relationships is what defines us. It’s very true, true friendship will always stand regardless.. and friends spice up our lives. Thanks for the piece

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  2. Standards are key in any meaningful relationship. True friends are hard to find but real friendship is priceless.
    They say sharing is caring, let’s share but beware.

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