Masculinity Curse

Did you know it’s always easy to tell someone to focus on the positive side of issues but quite a hurdle when it tones down to implementation? Well, I’m not necessarily a pessimist but I like to subscribe to realism. The main reason for this is that being real prepares you to hope for the … More Masculinity Curse

Face Your Fears

My father Cheche was an interesting human when sober but mean and condescending when he has had a little too much to drink. It was a norm for him to talk down on everyone in our homestead. My young siblings and I, feared our drank dad. Each time we could hear his staggering noisy self-making … More Face Your Fears

When I Tripped

But pain has made me a martyr. Never mind that most of it was bore off my glaring lack of know-how. Like this one time, one of our Jesus Velocity Church priests convinced me that indeed my precious destiny ‘star’ had been stolen by a close acquaintance. Broke, malnourished, deranged and hopelessly unemployed, I held … More When I Tripped

Facebook Love

My good friend Kit doesn’t know why I’m fascinated with Facebook. He actually bought me a good book, Digital Minimalism by Cal Newport on my last birthday when he welcomed me to the famous third floor. I have no doubt he was trying to use subtle means to whip me back to context. The last … More Facebook Love

An Ensorcellment

‘Who would want a 5’4 man with a potbelly?’ My wife was on phone yet again with God knows who. Her once ladylike laughter that reverberated in sweet symphony across the wall no longer sounded lovely. Now it was a mixture of malicious shrill tones. For the umpteenth time this month, I have caught my … More An Ensorcellment


In May last year, The Thoughtline presented a real-life love story experience that transpired between my good friend Kit, and his beloved queen, Xael. Their first story ended with a brutal heartbreak that attracted poignant remarks from our readers. In agreement with the happy ending in the sequel of their love story, The Thoughtline algorithm … More LOVE YOURSELF LIKE YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT

The Rains Beating Us

I was chilling on my favourite spot on a fine Tuesday afternoon enjoying the hugs of the warm afternoon rays, as I scrolled through my favourite laugh peddler’s feeds with my highland coffee at hand. There’s something rich in the purity of locally produced content that makes it worthwhile to spend a couple of hours … More The Rains Beating Us

Love Overcomes

Back in BIOMA Headquarters, Kit had just finished debugging R codes for a project when he was summoned by his department head. Suddenly he couldn’t shake off his anxiety. He couldn’t lay a finger on what was going on in his boss’ mind. He had grown to know his boss as a shrewd man whose … More Love Overcomes