People Ruin Good Things

Last weekend Kit was ashamed of himself. He cursed the day he had met Gonzo. Kit and Gonzo have been friends for over five years since they met as colleagues at Manga Consultancy. They were both brilliant data analysts. Gonzo was a deep admirer of Kit. Being a runway model, the fairer sex adored Kit, especially for his Teutonic-golden hair. His imperious nose was perfectly posited with angular cheekbones that carved down towards a flinty jaw. The young, the old and the bold wanted to be associated with Kit. Everyone was fascinated with his cheerful character, brilliant mind, and gentle nature. As a matter of fact, his gap year clothes shed ten years off his age, making him appear forever young. This made Gonzo jealous.

On a fine Monday morning, Kit and Gonzo welcomed a new data analyst into their department to meet their blooming clientele’ needs. They had done an impressive job to earn trust from new and repeat clients. The new analyst happened to be a fine young girl, Ella. She possessed the grandeur, charm, and mannerism of Kit’s dream girl. The beauty of things was that Gonzo had been recently engaged. This implied that Kit would have an open pass. For those who have gone to the school of soccer, they call it a killer pass. It was clear that Kit and the new analyst shared a deep connection. Even on strange eyes, they looked compatible. Their infectious chemistry radiated to those around them. As a well-intentioned friend would, Gonzo, encouraged Kit to shoot his shot.

Being a man of means, Kit invited Ella for a movie date at Imax. They quickly bonded and developed a liking for each other. Ella seemed to be in sync with Kit’s love language. In a world where it rains hurt and malice in love stories, the new lovebirds seemed to be moving in the right direction. That is until one Sunday when Kit couldn’t see Ella’s profile picture on her WhatsApp. The harsh reality dawned on him. He had been unceremoniously blocked and ghosted by Ella without any prior explanation. To add insult to injury, Ella resigned from her new job on the pretext that she had banked a better offer elsewhere. Kit had to move on with his life. He was lucky to have his best friend Gonzo on his side. Gonzo held his hand through his healing journey. It took Kit 6 months to come to terms with the botched relationship and move on to new prospects. I know those who have gone through heartbreak can relate. Those are the rare moments when Lucky Dube’s ‘Is not easy’ will repeatedly play as you drive illogically to manoeuvre Nairobi’s crazy traffic on a chilly and dark morning on your way to work, with hopes of keeping your spirits in check.

Three years down the line, Kit bagged a new job with another company. He had been single for a while. In his new job, he made a new friend, Diego. Diego was a breath of fresh air. He was almost like a brother Kit has never had. Diego admired Kit for his resilience and professionalism. In no time, they became good friends. Their brotherliness was knotted further with their mutual love for Chelsea football club. They slowly started enjoying games every weekend, especially the early kick-offs on super Saturdays. On international breaks, they would ride to Naivasha for a magical Kenya experience. They both loved nature. What’s more, by virtue of them being single and actively searching, they became even closer buddies.

One day Diego invited Kit to his family dinner. Kit adorned his best casual wear and drove himself in his Mercedes S class to Kangundo road. Unknown to him, Diego and Ella were cousins. Diego was contemplating introducing Kit to his cousin as he felt the two would make a perfect match. Kit couldn’t believe his eyes when he saw Ella. She suddenly broke into slow sobs. Although she had ghosted Kit, she had developed an indelible soft spot towards him. She loved him!  The tension was enormous, and Kit couldn’t handle it anymore. He excused himself and requested Diego to allow him to take an early leave. He, however, promised to have a chat with him later.

Diego was in limbo. He couldn’t understand what was going on. After talking to Ella, he felt it would be helpful if the two met over a cup of coffee under his chaperone-ship. He felt the two lovebirds needed an insight into what had transpired between them in the past. Although Diego had known Kit for a short time, he trusted him. Diego knew him as a genuine, emphatic person. On the other hand, he loved his cousin, Ella, with whom he shared a lot. Ella had always been a lovely, well behaved girl. She never possessed those slay queen tendencies nor the weird crop of the kukula fare types.

He requested the two to meet him at Thika Road mall the following weekend. Kit arrived early, sat on a corner chair, and ordered himself a cup of black coffee as he waited for the duo to arrive. Ella and Diego arrived 30 minutes late, thanks to bad traffic on Mwiki road. Kit Didn’t need to drive as he resided near the mall. Ella had a twine, thin, sculpted figure. She wore her tapered waist and burnished complexion perfectly. Her arched eyebrows looked down on sweeping eyelashes framing her button nose. Her set of dazzling, pearl-white teeth gleamed as she blew gently on her carmine-red fingernails. It was a pleasure to see her flowy, moon shadow-black hair. She had an upbeat personality and a sugary voice, which Kit adored. Not content to being just another drone, she wore vibrant clothes which complimented her skin tone. Her scent constantly intoxicated Kit. Indeed, she was a whole package.

Being a man of few words, Kit only posed one question to Ella in Diego’s presence. Kit wanted to know why Ella had ghosted him without any explanation, a stunt that almost cost him his career. Ella mused loudly, wondering how men can be evil and pretend to be angels. She retaliated rudely and asked Kit how his two wives and jilted baby mama were doing. Kit assured Ella that he’s never married, and from the day they stopped talking, he’s never dated any other woman. Diego quickly chimed in to support Kit. This forced Ella to explain her silence. Ella assured Kit that she loved him so much, but his close friend Gonzo told her that Kit is a dangerous man who chased his first wife with a kid and married another girl, but they couldn’t live for three months because Kit was a serial cheater. At this juncture, the truth dawned on Kit and Ella that Gonzo had systemically misrepresented Kit’s persona. As though betrayal wasn’t enough, Gonzo went on to date Ella secretly until the day she caught him on the bosom of another woman.

Kit’s mind kept on lingering to the days he had genuinely shared his plans and great news with Gonzo. Had he not shared his intentions with Gonzo, he would be married to the love of his life. Maybe that’s why there are many heartbreaks nowadays. Could we be exposing ourselves so much on social media, making ourselves vulnerable? My friend Kit learnt a bitter lesson. He vowed to follow what his childhood buddy, Joseph Mandela, kept telling him. ‘Travel and tell no one, live a true story and tell no one, live happily and tell no one, people ruin beautiful things.’ Cushion your happiness. Not all that smile with you share in your happiness.

Featured Photo by Zachary Ferguson on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “People Ruin Good Things

  1. Wow this is a true definition of what life is now!!! Chris i love this article. For sure we should never trust anyone. Living a secret life will make yourself happy. Been there so i know what it feels. Keep doing what you like Chris 🙏🏿🙏🏿❤️❤️

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