Of Pretence and Humanity

I love my friend Walter who is a dedicated Chelsea fan and a person with a pure heart. He gifted me a Chelsea T-shirt for my last birthday and ensured it reached me in my current village using DHL. Walter represents a small, but core world in my life. Through him, I’m continuously made aware of God’s love and presence in my life. Truly, he has passed the test of time for he has always covered my back.

Last weekend on our usual weekly catch-up over google meet, we explored the chances of Chelsea winning the champions league and the rising political temperaments in Kenya. The aftermath of dead reggae and the insistent nudge of an unstoppable rhythm of reggae as we knew it has populated Twitter feeds. But who cares? When election time comes, Walter and I will vote for someone from our tribe, because we hold the sense of tribal belonging so high, leadership qualities notwithstanding. Voting aside, the core thing that stood out in our conversation is the human perception on the COVID-19 vaccine. Evidently, humans suffer from fear of the unknown. It all started with conspiracy theories concerning the origin of COVID. Suddenly, the internet was rife with scholarly tit for tat, albeit unqualified. Who cares anyway?

People who do not want to take the vaccine are pretenders doused in several layers of ignorance. They are utterly scared of the possible consequences of the vaccine. They sit on the sidelines as they wait for other people to try the vaccine before they can go for it. Interestingly, these are the same people who will quickly buy 5G enabled devices, bag the latest apple and flaunt limited edition android devices. They only want to use tested technologies. It’s no wonder Albert King passed a message through his famous song in which he intimated that everyone wants to go to heaven, but no one wants to die. As we travel to Bali for an Easter holiday and harness the streets of Instagram with filtered selfies, someone risked his life by making the first flight across the Atlantic Ocean for 14 hours. Will you have risked your life?

If you love history, then definitely you have come across makers of civilization book.  In the book, you learn how makers of civilization risked their lives to give us the modern life we currently enjoy. I loved most of the stories in the book, but the most outstanding one is about Edward Jenner. He initiated the concept of vaccine and identified the protective effect of cowpox against smallpox. Today we pride in a smallpox free world courtesy of this invention.

Christians across the world fondly remember the death of Jesus. I sincerely hope we can be the Jesus of our generation. I know some people will argue that religion and science are two different things which is untrue. First of all, before we engage in any scholarly argument, please note that the fear of the Lord is the beginning of wisdom. God communicates his ideas to us in order to create new technologies to make the world a better place. Creation, or better yet, evolution as my science friends call it, still happens in this modern era. For now, however, the best way to be useful to this generation is to get a vaccine. I don’t understand why vaccination is suddenly a matter of choice. Vaccination should be mandatory like in the good old days. Through spirited vaccination exercises, we overcame past pandemics. Go figure what’s happening with this generation. Seems people are becoming stupider instead of smarter. Involving instead of evolving. What’s the point in developing vaccines if we can’t develop herd immunity?

Your failure to get a vaccine in the pretext of impending side effects and possible death is just that, fear. Truth is, we can only have a better world if we are all vaccinated. Who doesn’t want to travel freely as we used to before COVID changed everything? Thus, I implore you to get the vaccine if you can access it. You will not die, or rather we will all die.  Remember the nitty-gritty, wash your hands diligently, sanitize, mask up and keep 1.5 m distance away from strangers. Minimize public activities. One day our ordinary world will come back, and tourists will continue travelling while escalating our pressure levels in the streets of Facebook. Have a COVID safe day, won’t you?

Featured photo by Raychan on Unsplash

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