I met her outside the movie shop

When you do away with the unentertaining city drama, Nairobi is colourful and glorious. On this fateful day, the golden rays of the sun in this side of town were more pronounced than normal. The sweet scents oozing from their clean dresses was terrific as I traversed the busy streets of river road.

Being a Sarturday, my plate was far from being full. I had just left a movie shop. I wanted to dedicate this weekend to finishing my favourite horror series thus fur, ‘The Rain’ after my friend Oscar made it a point to daunt me last evening with the killer surprises in store for season three. I must say he pressed the right button having my unrivalled love for horror movies.

I was so focused on hailing a cab to my apartment. If I hadn’t looked up, I could have missed the delirious sight infront of me; the blonde girl, with legs so smooth she looked removed from this bursting street. She was tall but not too tall, just slightly shorter than me. Her steps seemed calculated, swaying her enabled waist like she was on a mission to have people stumbling on their steps. I reminded my thoughts to stay within context for the umpteenth time before I mastered the courage to walk past her.

What I didn’t know is, she was out to daunt me. I don’t know if she had calculated that I could walk past her in haste but when I did, she giggled. The sweet silent giggling that leaves you wondering whether you left your shirt unattended showing people the unmentionables. When I turned around with my signature frown, she was there flashing me an infectious smile while waving at me. Oh Lord how I hated meeting girls! I wanted to focus on myself, my career, my dreams, my future.

‘Hi, looking sharp. What’s your name?’ She asked with a straight face. That caught me offguard. I have never met anyone who fires a shot that straight, no I haven’t. ‘Hi, I’m Chris’ I fumbled. ‘What’s your other name Chris?’ she went on.  ‘Wafula,’ I responded. ‘Quite cute. My hunch said you’re a Luhya, those guys are fantastic. Nice meeting you,’ she said flashing me her pearly white teeth yet again.

With all honesty, she was starting to have my blood hot in the right places. She was intriguing me to say the least. She was serving me all those vibes I see in movies, the wonders of a free meat they say.

I was having that internal debate and smiling goofily at myself as we walked along with this stranger asking each other basics. As a man, there are several things you can let slide but you can never let a golden opportunity of having coffee with a beautiful girl to slide just like that. I mean who does that? ‘Can we have coffee in that Banjo?’ I asked. ‘I wouldn’t say I like coffee, but we can go down to two rivers and grab some milkshakes,’ she responded caourtiously. I have never had a single idea of what golden opportunity looks like but I think golden opportunity was right here holding my arm tightly like we were old buddies. My hands felt tingly from her touch. Only legends will understand the feeling presented by a soft touch of a feminine hand. As we walked through the sunny, dusty and windy Nairobi streets, she whipped out her chanel sunglasses. The glasses complimented her evil black dress that hugged her bodice just right. Her Brazilian hair looked legit and expensive, I was in awe of how one human could ooze all kinds of goodness. As a matter of fact, I was ashamed for desiring her in the most wanton ways.

Featured Photo by: Rachael Crowe on Unsplash

5 thoughts on “I met her outside the movie shop

  1. Eiii Omwami yawa,,,,”I reminded my thoughts to stay within context for the umpteenth time,,,”,,,,,,you are oozing legendary testimony of the golden moments. Good work, a nice tale as always. Keep it up!

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