Love Overcomes

Back in BIOMA Headquarters, Kit had just finished debugging R codes for a project when he was summoned by his department head. Suddenly he couldn’t shake off his anxiety. He couldn’t lay a finger on what was going on in his boss’ mind. He had grown to know his boss as a shrewd man whose love for detail drove him to ride the employees under him too hard. For a couple of years, Kit had managed to steer clear of trouble and its descendants. As he briskly walked towards that dreaded door, Kit had the worst of scenarios imprinted in his head. As he was busy swirling evil scenarios in his head, Kit was hit with good news. It turned out his boss was beyond pleased with his work, hence wanted to send him for a 6-month data fellowship in the USA; a perfect opportunity for him to showcase his skills and learn from seasoned data scientists. In his heart, he knew career was the only thing he had left. After that nasty heartbreak courtesy of Xael, he was afraid of loving again. The beauty had snatched a significant portion of his fragile heart. With a grateful heart, Kit quickly took the opportunity, great hopes and an open heart in check.

Charming Kit set out to his fellowship. He made new friends, learnt new models and quickly become the favorite of the fellowship managers. His teachable spirit earned him a spot at an international organization in Rome, Italy. For him, the new position presented a lifetime opportunity that could propel his life to greater heights. I remember he gave me a call saying he was finally going to acquire the Darwin yacht he had always wanted. Of course, I was elated for his massive win. The first rule of friendship is celebrating your friends’ win and I happen to be a staunch believer of that. He let me in on his Thanksgiving plans saying he could deliver the good news to his family over a small thanksgiving get together before he sets off on a new foot to work in Rome. I still remember receiving Kit at Jomo Kenyatta International Airport on a rainy evening, alongside his kindhearted parents. Compared to the last time I saw him, he had started to grow back the shine he had lost following his aborted love story. This time he glowed with a contagious smile only he could wear so comfortably. We set out to Navakholo for thanksgiving before hitting the Coast for the annual boy’s club get together.

Malindi has an awe of beauty that could soothe the darkest of hearts. Kit and I had just downed a filling breakfast. We were bracing the beautiful morning rays reminiscing the good old days of the vibrant Eden Hazard. Only Chelsea fans can understand the great football game served back in the day. We fancied a deadly Chelsea if only Hazard hadn’t joined Real Madrid last summer.  We were still trying to figure out why Hazard was poached when a shadow blocked our happy hour basking. The lady looked familiar. She was smartly dressed as usual spotting a seemingly expensive apple watch on her left wrist, sparkly diamond rings in her fingers and an enviably gorgeous gold chain on her neck. She smiled shyly at us confirming beyond reasonable doubt that she was the beauty who had managed to knock my buddy off his feet. Looking across to Kit, he looked tired, perplexed and a little hopeful at last. ‘This will be interesting’ I thought silently to myself. I felt the tension rising around me. Two longing hearts were silently calling out to each other with none willing to barge to make that first step of faith. Our line of conversation was clearly distracted. Going by the flowers on Xael’s hand and her teary eyes as she tried to make small uncertain steps towards Kit, I knew I didn’t need rocket science to excuse the two.

As I turned to slowly make my way up the gorge, I could clearly hear the soft heavy sobs from the duo. I couldn’t help wondering the mystery that is love. The idea to love someone so bad and thirst over them with a pure heart despite serial let downs seems surreal. However, I do agree love is one naked feeling you cannot dress up with layers of toughness, rank, wealth and profession. Love exposes you to that one heart that reduces you to smithereens. Forgiveness isn’t far behind when you love truly. Great things come knocking and the worthiness of the sacrifice reestablishes before your humbled sight. It’s been three good years now. I look at my buddy Kit and his beautiful son with Xael, Musinzare and I become swayed by the power of a forgiving heart. It’s true when they say what doesn’t kill you, delivers you to the altar. Love is like a wildfire, you are doomed if you fight it. As my friend, Joseph Mandela would say, you cannot stop reggae!

Featured image by: Sasin Tipchai from Pixabay

31 thoughts on “Love Overcomes

  1. Good news, love ultimately wins,,,a good turn of events for Kit. Forgiveness and time are bossom buddies, many atimes they conspire to water, feed, and restore love! Good one Omwami,

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